Scott Martino

Scott Martino is Endpoint's CEO, with over 15 years of experience in the title and settlement services industry working for First American.

Company NewsWhy is it so hard to make the transaction seamless?

A look at the obstacles facing the industry and one vision for the future.

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Education13 Things To Do After The Close

To help simplify and expedite your transition from closing on your home to living in it, here’s a list of 13 things to do after the close.

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EducationBefore You Close: Understanding Transaction Disclosures

Understanding closing disclosures is crucial to success in the closing transaction and will help to prevent mistakes.

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Education33 Obscure Ways You Could Lose Your New Home

Overlooking these issues and deeds in the closing process can risk losing your home.

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EducationWhat is Home Title Insurance?

What is title insurance on a house? How to ensure you own your home and choose a great title company.

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EducationWhat Is Escrow? Keep Your Money Safe.

What exactly is Escrow and how does the process work? These best practices help keep your money safe.

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